Ruby’s Miracle Berry is committed to sustainable development

Everyone who contributes to our success must be treated fairly. We are committed to ensuring that all of our production processes meet the highest standards of quality and sustainability: from our supply through to production and consumption. Treating all our partners fairly as well as being respectful of the environment and natural resources are the key points of our success.


It is a real challenge to ensure that the Miracle Berry will remain available in the future, with the high quality that we expect, and in sufficient quantity. To meet this challenge, we support producers in their work, by providing them with new irrigation techniques, technical advices, improved varieties and yields. 

Baie Miracle


Since its founding in 2018, Ruby’s Miracle Berry has decided to work closely with farmers from the best Miracle Berry producing areas in the world. For this, a special procurement system has been set up in Africa. This system aims to improve the living and working conditions of local farmers. The aim is also to reduce the risk of child labor and poor working conditions. Traceability is the key to sustainable supply of the Miracle Berry, today and in the future.


The quality of our products is a priority and a commitment to our customers. We do not compromise on quality or food safety. Our products are continuously tested to ensure that they meet the highest quality standards. The Swiss Quality label is a guarantee of our commitment.

Safe water for all

Unfortunately, many parts of Africa do not have access to safe and drinking water. In order to improve the quality of life of the Miracle Berry farmers, Ruby’s Miracle Berry is actively involved in improving access to drinking water.


Today, you no longer need to be privileged to have access to French lessons. We support French lessons in African production areas with one to two month intensive courses. We provide them with educational materials and all the necessary materials to study in good conditions (pencils, pens, notebooks, etc.).